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Ryan Marnell’s two-decade tenure in strategic consultancy has established him as an authority in the telecom and technology sectors. His expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of market dynamics and operational intricacies, guided by a data-driven and analytical approach to strategic planning and execution.

Global Expertise

Based in London, Marnell has established a global reach, catering to a diverse range of clients, including prominent corporations and high-net-worth individuals in the UK and UAE. Marnell brings a nuanced understanding of both global trends and local market specificities. This dual perspective enables him to offer strategic solutions that are globally informed and locally relevant.

Bespoke Solutions

His approach is consultative, working closely with senior leadership to promote sustainable growth and resilience. As a strategic architect, Marnell is committed to delivering tailored, effective solutions for the evolving challenges of the telecom and technology sectors, making him an invaluable asset in navigating complex landscapes.


Ryan Marnell’s consultancy embodies a commitment to delivering strategic excellence, underpinned by a rich tapestry of industry knowledge, ethical standards, and a collaborative ethos. His methodology is rooted in a deep-seated understanding of regulatory landscapes, technological advancements, and market dynamics.

Marnell operates on a principle of unwavering integrity, embedding trust and transparency into the fabric of every client engagement. This commitment establishes a bedrock of reliability, ensuring that strategic recommendations are both ethical and effective, fostering lasting partnerships built on mutual respect and shared objectives.

At the heart of Marnell’s approach is a relentless pursuit of innovation. This entails a sophisticated use of data analytics, emerging technologies, and creative strategic thinking to uncover novel solutions to complex challenges. Marnell’s forward-looking perspective ensures clients are equipped with strategies that are both visionary and grounded, positioning them at the vanguard of industry evolution.

Recognizing the unique context and ambitions of each client, Marnell adopts a highly collaborative approach. He focuses on building a synergistic partnership where strategies are co-developed with clients to form bespoke solutions that are meticulously aligned with their specific goals and operational realities. This collaborative ethos extends beyond mere consultation, fostering a dynamic where clients are active participants in their strategic journey.


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